The activities of the Directorate-General for Antiquities concern different aspects.

First of all, it should be mentioned the priority administrative activity aimed at protecting and managing archaeological heritage. It finds its most characteristic expression in administrative proceedings.

These activities are aimed at issuing a measure with external relevancy. By that, the administration, in this case the DGAnt, expresses its will, bound by preordained regulations, i.e. laws and other rules existing on the matter subject of the proceedings.

Other activities are parallel to that: coordination, monitoring and formulation of advices. Unlike previous one, these do not lead to the adoption of a measure. Nevertheless, they contribute to the execution of institutional duties.

The Directorate-General also deals with some important matters, beginning with collaboration in the field of international relations to track and recover Italian archaeological property in foreign Countries, to authorize its circulation in relation to initiatives of exhibitions and cultural cooperation.

Specific areas coordinated by the Directorate-General are underwater archaeology and preventive archaeology.

The activity of museology collects informations on display solutions for archaeological exhibitions and museums. That leads to project together with Ministry’s territorial offices. It is somehow related to conscious and educational enjoyment of the archaeological heritage.

Finally, DGAnt takes care of studies and publications, both printed and on-line.