The procedure of each following proceeding is available (in Italian) by clicking on its name.

Appointment of Honorary Inspectors

People taking this position perform a free of charge collaborative activity with the Superintendency in the surveillance on properties and excavations in the territorial jurisdiction.

Archaeological Research Concession

A public or private institution can be authorized to conduct archaeological excavations.

Assignment of cultural property as payment of taxes

Archaeological property can be transferred to the State to pay direct or succession taxes.

Authorization for Analysis, Investigations or Conservation Works abroad

The Directorate-General authorizes requests to take abroad public- and/or private-owned archaeological property to be subjected to analysis, investigations or conservation works.

Authorization for Exhibit and Expositions

The Directorate-General authorizes the movement of public- and/or private-owned works for exhibition purposes, in Italy and abroad.

Compulsory Purchase in Export

The State may acquire a cultural property when sought to export.

Deposit of Finds of Archaeological Interest

State-owned archaeological objects can be granted in deposit to museums of local Authorities.

Environmental Impact Assessment (VIA)

The various interested Authorities consult together on the assessment of the impact on the environment and landscape of great public works being planned. DGAnt issues acts related to its competence.

Expropriation of Cultural Property

The State may enter into possession of a property for public purposes and goals of protection, public enjoyment and research, by allowing a compensation to the owner.

Finding Reward

The fortuitous discovery of an archaeological object entitles to payment of a reward.

Purchase by Pre-Emption

The State may take over from the purchaser of a cultural property, buying it at the price indicated in the bill of sale.